How to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets – A Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2023)

Some random spots within our homes appear to be screaming for attention. However, they are likely to look a little awkward.

The wall near that front entrance. That space is open below the staircase. It’s also the area over the kitchen cabinets, which seems like something should go there…but what? 🤔

If you feel that the design of your kitchen is lacking in some way and requires just the right thing to give it a polished look, filling the space over the cabinets could be the solution.

As demonstrated by blogs, designers, and Instagrammers, there are many options for decorating the space. You may also want to know how to clean kitchen cabinets wood.

From old-fashioned artwork and antique furniture to generous storage, it is possible to put that cabinet above to use.

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

It is enough to spend time in your kitchen as it is; therefore, should you not try to make it as elegant as possible?

Decorating your cabinets above is a fantastic option to display your favorite things and ensure you have the required kitchen items within reach.

If you have plenty of extra space or cook in small spaces, these ideas will help you make the most of your tiny room. You’ll be impressed by these creative solutions.

Here are some ideas about How to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets?

Let’s start 👍

Free and Clear Space

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

There is less to be had when it comes to accents. Therefore, don’t design the kitchen cabinets entirely if you’re working at home or like the modern and airy look.

This style is ideal for kitchens of all sizes, but should you face an awkward space between your ceiling and cabinets, looking at a smaller design to the top may be beneficial.

Creative Lighting

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

If you’re decorating over the kitchen cabinetry with high ceilings, you generally don’t need to overthink lighting since the space will appear light.

Lower lighting can make a huge difference and help create a feeling of airy.

It is possible to put in recessed lighting, like that in the kitchen in this photo, and brighten the room and the kitchen.

You can also purchase rope lights to place across the top of your cabinets and shine a light toward the ceiling for an even more striking appearance.

Boho Touches

This is an illustration of a room where the decorations on top of kitchen cabinets can enhance the room’s appearance, mainly because the white cabinets could otherwise blend into the white walls behind them.

They played the space perfectly with the two plants in green and a single element of décor in the middle.

It’s not overcrowded and has a refreshing boho feel.

Dual Set of Cabinets in a Diverse Finish

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

Here’s a different approach to the second set of cabinets, with a completely different finish.

It gives a great contrast yet still retains the same appearance.

The most effective way to do this without appearing clunky and clashing with other cabinets is to put in

cabinets with no trim and remove hardware.

Glass with a Frosted Finish

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

If you enjoy cutting them out but don’t wish to embellish them, you can put them on top of the crystal-like glass like the kitchen in this.

It cleverly utilizes spaces above kitchen cabinets and doesn’t require the effort and skills to create an additional row of cabinets. It is also not a mess.

If your kitchen layout isn’t ideal, you might consider adding mirrors to those areas since it will make your kitchen appear larger or make your ceilings appear higher.

Script for Basics

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

Adding a script to your walls could look terrible or beautiful, depending on how you approach it. An excellent example of how to do it correctly is the kitchen!

The designers scoured the space above the cabinets and came across lettering, the right size to fit into the room without being too small or spilling over.

It stands out against the dark wall and blends with the cabinets for a unified appearance.

Set of Complimentary Dishes

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

Are you the owner of a China or tea set you to love but don’t use often? You can use it for décor for your kitchen cabinets.

You’ll gain lots of pleasure from looking at the set daily instead of being able to keep them from view.

When you set them up, take care to be aware. When you’ve got a vast space over your cabinets, think about putting the furniture together instead of scattering it out to keep it from cluttering.

If the set is colored to it, you can purchase dish towels with the same shade to hang from the oven to pull the whole look together.

Using Open Shelving in Combination

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

This kitchen’s cabinets open up to the roof, which is excellent in terms of storage space; it’s also uninteresting to accept a look at.

Based on the layout of your kitchen and design, it has the potential to make your area feel cramped and unorganized.

If you cannot find space above the cabinets in the kitchen, you might want to remove one of them to make space.

It is possible to hang hanging shelves and have the lower ones still serving as storage and the top ones sitting at the same height about halfway up the cabinets.

A Tiny Bit of Color

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

The majority of kitchens have neutral tones. However, for those who love some shade, you can use spaces above the cabinets to inject some color.

The blue plates bring out the blue cushions of the island stools to create a cohesive design.

Display a Sign

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

Maybe you picked up an unflattering sign during your last visit to the local flea markets or design shop but cannot find the perfect spot to put it in your home.

The space between the cabinet doors of your kitchen would be ideal, whether you want to put in an old-fashioned, long sign or even a personalized family motto.

Bring in some artificial plants.

It’s cozy over the cabinets and even more appealing with beautiful bouquets of fake flowers.

how to decorate above kitchen cabinets

It is possible to think that artificial plants are outdated, reminiscent of the interior design of the 1980s when climbing vines were strung across the kitchen cabinets and tops.

However, nowadays, you can purchase stunning fake plants that add an updated look to any room.

A little greenery inside the cooking area is an excellent addition 👌 and purchasing several of the same kind keeps the space clean and fresh.

Stores such as IKEA offer small artificial plants. You can place them in similar pots and set them over your cabinets.

Include a few similar arrangements to the table and countertop to make it look more cohesive.


Many kitchens have an area between the cabinets for the kitchen and the ceiling.
Yours has likely been gathering dust and not doing anything other than a little.

The good thing is that there are many ways to use this space to benefit your life or to embellish it and enhance the overall look.

About the space you can take up if you utilize the distance to its maximum potential.
Now, you’re sure that it’s not wasted space. What will you do to decorate the counters in your kitchen?