How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Wood – A Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2023)

Kitchen cabinets get dirty fast. You spill grease all over them while cooking. There’s anything from batter for cakes to olive oils on the surface.

Your 7-year-old assists you in making smoothies with fruits and switches on the blender just before you add the top, throwing fruit juice and mashed bananas throughout the area.

How to clean kitchen cabinets’ wood?

It is possible to fight off the dirt, grease, and grime to ensure that your cabinets appear at their best by following this easy guide to cleaning wooden cabinets.

The task of cleaning your kitchen cabinetry is much simpler than you imagine.

Ensuring your kitchen cabinets are in good condition is among the important actions you can take to keep your home clean and neat.

Regularly cleaning your cabinets will help stop the onset of rust, water damage, and other harm caused by water.

This article will explain how to maintain and clean all your kitchen cabinets. 🤗

What is the most helpful method for cleaning kitchen cabinets?

From the first impression, this seems like a straightforward question with an easy answer.

I was sure of it. However, after I read what experts say, I was surprised to learn that there is more.

Why Should You Clean Your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets? 🧐

How to clean kitchen cabinets wood

Cleansing your kitchen cabinets is a factor in maintaining a neat home. But did you understand that if edited and maintained appropriately, kitchen cabinets can last for a long time – up to 50 years?

Kitchens are one of our houses’ most difficult working spaces, so a continuing 50 years is remarkable.

That’s a considerably extended lifespan than most additional kitchen elements, such as appliances, countertops, and kitchen sinks.

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But if you don’t keep your kitchen cabinets appropriately, they can exhibit wear and tear only after 20-30 years. And then you will be looking at a replacement.

Kitchen cabinet alternates can account for 60-70% of the expense of a full-scale renovation kitchen.
The middle complete kitchen renovation costs about $24,000, according to HomeAdvisor.

Using that norm, about $14,000 to $17,000 of that $24,000 funding reaches kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning the cabinets in your kitchen is an essential part of having a tidy home.

Did you know that if they’re maintained and cleaned correctly, kitchen cabinets can last for quite a while, as long as fifty years?

Kitchens are among the most demanding rooms in our homes, so having them last for 50 years is quite an accomplishment.

It’s much more durable than most kitchen equipment, including appliances, kitchen sinks, and countertops.

If you do not adequately maintain your kitchen cabinets, the cabinets will begin to show wear and tear within 20-30 years. After that, you’ll need to replace them.

A typical kitchen remodels costs around 24,000 dollars ($150 per square foot), according to HomeAdvisor.

If you take that as an average, roughly $14,000-$17,000 of the budget of $24,000 goes towards cabinets for the kitchen.

Cabinet replacements in kitchens could account for 60-70 percent of the expense of a full-scale remodel kitchen.

It’s not even a penny to complain about.

This is a multi-step process to help you make your cabinets look new.

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Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s start right now

To bring those essential cabinets in a new order, take this guideline step-by-step and create a clean kitchen cabinet with open and closed cases.

How to clean kitchen cabinets wood

Step 1: Take them apart and empty them

  • You can spread out the cleaning of your cabinets rather than attempting the entire task in one go, as you’ll need to get rid of and temporarily store it on counters or other surfaces.
  • Remove and dispose of the shelf paper used when cabinets are empty if needed.
  • Clean up crumbs or dust off of the drawers and shelves.

Step 2: Go after the tops.

If cabinets aren’t at ceiling height, the few inches atop the uppers could be an enormous source of mess.

Does it with an erect step stool or ladder? If it’s dust, remove it using a long-handled dredge or the small round brush attachment with the vacuum.

If the grease has accumulated with dust, getting rid of it could be the most unpleasant component of your cabinet’s cleaning job.

  • Spray onto the floor with straight white vinegar, then sprinkle baking soda on top and permit it to sit for a few minutes to sit.
  • Rub the sponge with a sponge and then scrape it with a straight edge with a firm edge similar to one from a credit card. Then, wipe off the gunk using paper towels or a rag.
  • Spray lightly and then wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 3: Make a mild cleaner.

The objective is to keep your cabinets clean and not harm your cabinets.

  • A few drops of mild dish soap and boiling water make a safe, efficient solution for painting or finishing wood.
  • It can remove dirt, streaks, and a moderate buildup of grease. You can add white vinegar to provide the solution with a sanitizing boost. This is known to contain antibacterial effects.
  • To mix: Pour into the spray bottle, but apply it to a microfiber cloth or sponge rather than directly on the cabinet’s surface because it’s better to stay clear of saturated wood.

Step 4: Vacuum from high to low

  • Begin with the uppers first and move down. Begin with the interiors first: The back wall first, the sides, and finally, the drawers and shelves. Pay attention to corners by spraying the cleaner on your toothbrush and gently scrubbing when needed.
  • Use a sponge or cloth saturated with plain water to remove any soap remnants. Dry thoroughly after washing and then shut the cabinets.
  • Clean the edges of boxes and ensure the drawer fronts are clean and tidy.

Step 5: Tackle the Greasiness

A gentle abrasive mixture of baking soda in one part to two parts water is a safe, effective, low-cost weapon to fight yellow and sticky grease, which could be the answer.

  • Apply the grease to the stuck-on area, allow it to penetrate for a few minutes, then clean gently using a soft-bristled brush.
  • Rinse using the help of a sponge, rag, or microfiber cloth, and then dry.

Be cautious when using magic erasers. These pieces made of non-toxic melamine foam appear like super-fine sandpaper and could damage varnished wood and shiny paint finishes.

How to clean kitchen cabinets wood

If you tackle grease with a commercial item, do a spot test on an uninvolved surface.

Step 6: Take care of the trim

Dirt and grease love crevices and crevices, which is why both tend to collect in the trim of cabinets.
The more intricate, the more filthy it could turn out to be.

  • Cleanse your body with your standard cleaning solution, an easy toothbrush, or a cotton swab wrapped over your index finger.
  • Cleanse the area with a clean, dry cloth dipped in plain water. Dry.

Step 7: Take proper care of hinges and hardware

Take a look at the metal parts of the cabinets safely.

  • A dry, clean cloth is placed on your index finger to scrub the hinges. If you find stubborn grease, scrape it with 50/50 water and white vinegar on an old tooth. Then dry.
  • Use the brush approach to ceramic or metal hardware, the parts around the handles, knobs and pulls, and knobs, all of which build up grease and grime.

Step 8: Polish the glass to a sparkling finish

If you have glass-fronted cabinet doorways, you can use a retail glass cleaner or a homemade fountain solution consisting of one cup of ruby liquor and the match of one mug of moisture and one tablespoon of white vinegar on both the external and internal panes.

Step 9: Make sure the contents are clean.

Before filing drawers and shelves, examine the dishes, cookware, food containers, and other items. To make sure that the things aren’t dirty or dusty.

Even if everything appears in perfect condition, giving the items a swish with a microfiber cloth can make the proper return to clean and sparkling cabinets.

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Final remarks on how to clean wood cabinets in the kitchen

In the end, these tips will keep your furniture in good condition and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

If you adhere to these steps, the cabinets will stand for a long time to be.😊